Happy Fruit Coffee tastes delicious and is different from any other flavored coffee you’ve ever had because we use real ingredients to flavor our specialty coffee.

We believe Happy Fruit Coffee will be the best coffee you’ve ever tasted because we use real ingredients (NO artificial chemicals!) to make sure you truly taste each of our delicious flavors.

We start by expertly roasting high quality specialty coffee beans. After a perfect roast, we grind these delicious beans and add our 100% real ingredients. All that delicious flavor is then immediately packaged in heat sealed coffee bags and quickly shipped straight to your door.

For the first time, you can enjoy coffee that actually tastes like what the package says. One of the reasons Happy Fruit Coffee Company was started is because we were not happy with all the other flavored coffees out there.  We just wanted coffee that actually tastes like what the package says and that’s exactly what we created after nearly a year of research.

We are not an online only coffee company, we go to farmer’s markets in our area every week! Be sure to check our social media because if you are local you can come stop by and enjoy some free samples! We attend farmer’s markets in Westchester County, New York.

It’s not just our flavoring technique that makes Happy Fruit taste so good. We are generational coffee roasters who have mastered the art of roasting coffee.

We use the best American made roasting machines to roast our high quality coffee beans in small batches. Higher quality beans give you a smooth and bold cup of coffee without the bitterness of cheaper beans. Any coffee you taste that is very bitter and harsh has been roasted incorrectly, made using cheap beans, or a combination of both.

You will find that Happy Fruit Coffee tastes great black because it’s true specialty coffee and not burnt. Happy Fruit Coffee will not be just the best flavored coffee you’ve ever tasted, but also the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.

The designs for our bags are created by Paola Reynolds, who also is a co-owner of Happy Fruit Coffee! Each design features a cup of coffee in a different way, depending on the flavor. This is why each bag is so eye-catching, they are made by a real artist. The bags look amazing in your kitchen and make for a fun gift for anyone who likes coffee.

Happy Fruit Coffee is making people happy everyday.

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