About Happy Fruit Coffee Company

Dear coffee lover,

It’s time for something different. It’s time to put an end to artificially flavored coffee. We do not tolerate fake chemicals in our foods, so why would we accept them in our coffee? We began Happy Fruit Coffee to fix a big problem with flavored coffees; they are artificially flavored and don’t taste good.

Here at Happy Fruit Coffee Company, we freshly roast specialty coffee beans in small batches and then season the coffee with real pieces of fruit and ingredients. We use absolutely no artificial flavors, chemicals, or oils.?This makes Happy Fruit Coffee really taste like each of our delicious flavors, without them having a chemical smell or taste.

We have discovered a way to add balanced and delicious fruit flavor to coffee without the use of “flavor oils” that are the standard flavoring method used by the coffee industry. You’ve probably noticed a chemical smell and taste if you’ve tried other flavored coffees before. You won’t get that with Happy Fruit because we spent a year coming up with our proprietary flavoring process.

Happy Fruit Coffee really tastes like what the package says because we use real fruits to season our coffee. With Happy Fruit Coffee, perhaps for the first time, you will taste the flavors the package says without a chemical taste. Coffee goes great with fruit because coffee plants produce an actual cherry that is classified as a fruit. Coffee beans are simply the seeds inside the cherry that grows on a coffee plant.

On top of using real fruits to season coffee, Happy Fruit Coffee Company is a real specialty coffee roaster that roasts in small batches using the finest roasting equipment available. You can easily taste the difference when you drink Happy Fruit Coffee and you can proudly compare it to anything on the shelf in the super market and notice a huge difference.

Coffee should taste delicious and make you happy. Our coffees are not harsh or bitter, including our non-flavored Single Origin coffees. If your coffee tastes bitter, it’s burnt. We use our delicious single origin coffee as the base for all our seasoned coffees. This is what makes Happy Fruit Coffee so different from anything you’ve ever tasted. It is true specialty coffee with our all new proprietary flavoring technique, which gives you something fun and unique.

Feel free to contact us at anytime or come stop by and visit at any of the farmer’s markets we attend. We’d love to share our coffee with you and enjoy some good conversation.


Paola & Sean

Happy Fruit Coffee Company