We have rebranded!

SAME deliciously fresh coffee, just under a new brand that expands our ability to use all our creative skills, which made Happy Fruit possible in the first place.

The short

You can now find our EXACT same coffee HERE: https://2comets.com/product-category/coffee

Our 12oz bags remain the same price but we are happy to introduce for the first time a 5 pound option that will net you significant savings!

6 12 oz bags of Happy Fruit Coffee for example costs around $100 and gives you 4.5 pounds. Under our new branding and with our new 5 pound option, you get half a pound more and it comes in way cheaper at $73.85. For the exact same coffee. The savings are only possible because of the rebrand, due to more simple packaging and a slimming down of our options.

The long

When the pandemic hit in 2020, we lost our ability to go to all the outdoor markets that made this all possible in the first place. We had sunk our lives into this business and so watching our only means of income disappear overnight, naturally led to a lot of stress. But we decided not to panic and came up with the best plan we could to try and survive.

At our core, we are artists and we love being creative. That is what led to the creation of Happy Fruit Coffee, with it’s artistic branding and unique way of flavoring coffee. While stuck in quarantine, we created new things that take advantage of our skills, from creating our first YouTube channel, to bespoke hand crafted leather goods. To our surprise, they did better than expected.

Now in 2022, it only makes sense for us to combine all our ventures into one new entity; 2comets studio. We truly are artists that love drinking delicious coffee and creating the best things we can. That’s what 2comets is. The exact same coffee we have been offering and roasting since 2020 is available on the site, with more simple but also much more affordable options. 2comets allow us to expand everything we can offer the world in a way that Happy Fruit could not.

We understand that some may not enjoy this change. We appreciate every single one of you who have purchased our coffee since 2020. It was nothing less than a pleasure meeting all of you. It is absolutely possible that we will return to markets someday. Although a big change in branding, we think the significant savings we can offer with this change will be worth it. Our packaging is less colorful, but the benefit of this is that we can add new options an order of magnitude more quickly than before.

Thank you again to all who have been with us since the start and we hope to see you on 2comets!

Paola & Sean

*Site notice* In about 2 month’s time, this website will be fully deleted, including all personal information stored from orders. An offline back up of the site will be downloaded and saved for our records.