Coffee Is Fruit! Did You Know Coffee Is Naturally Fruit Flavored?

Many people still don’t know that coffee, one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, is literally fruit flavored. Coffee beans are really seeds that grow inside of “cherries.”

The same beans that produce the delicious beverage we all love, will in fact grow into a coffee plant if properly cultivated.

The coffee plant is a mix of a shrub and tree, depending on the species. The coffee plant produces red cherries that coffee beans grow inside of. Coffee beans absorb the flavor of the cherries as they grow inside of them.

But few people ever get to taste the natural fruit flavor of coffee because most coffee is burnt, for a variety of reasons.

Tasting the natural cherry flavor of coffee, after learning how to expertly roast coffee beans, gave us the idea to try mixing fruit flavors with coffee.

We took fresh fruits and ingredients and worked them into our roasting profiles using a proprietary process. The result is delicious coffee with real flavors to go with it. Adding real fruits to our small batch roasted coffee also solved a huge problem with flavored coffees.

Flavored coffee is made with artificial chemicals that are used to coat the beans and grinds with a “flavor oil.” But not ours. Our flavored coffees are really more seasoned coffees that have absolutely nothing artificial. Our Apple Pie for example features real fresh apples and spices.

A lot of people love our combination of fresh roasted coffee and real ingredients and if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should. Everyone should taste the true and natural fruit flavor of properly roasted coffee at least once.

You can taste the natural fruit flavor of coffee in either our fruit seasoned coffees or our single origins! Thanks for reading and I hope you learned a little something new today about coffee!

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