Frequently Asked Questions

1.) When will I receive my order?

All the information you need about when your order will arrive can be found here on our Shipping Information page.

2.) What makes Happy Fruit Coffee different?

A full explanation can be read on our about page, but the short version is that we make flavored coffee that is flavored without any artificial chemicals. Instead of artificial flavors, we use real fruits! In addition, we flavor specialty coffee beans. Most flavored coffee companies use cheap beans as their “base” because they are going to ruin them with nasty chemicals anyway. We are different because our flavors are real flavors and our coffee is specialty coffee. The difference is huge!

3.) How can I contact Happy Fruit Coffee Company?

You can contact us here using the information on our Contact page.

4.) How should I prepare my Happy Fruit Coffee?

Happy Fruit Coffee can be brewed the same as any other ground coffee, so whatever machine or method you like will work just fine. We recommend 3 tablespoons of our ground coffee per 6-8 oz of water. Everyone enjoys coffee a little differently, so you can adjust the ratio of coffee to water to your own desires. The only thing our ground coffees will not work in is an espresso machine. Our coffee can also be cold brewed!

5.) Does Happy Fruit Coffee have calories? What is the nutritional information? Does it have sugar?

Happy Fruit Coffees have the same nutritional value as any Arabica based coffee product. Coffee typically has about 1 calorie per 8 oz. We are very proud of our proprietary flavoring process that allows us to extract the pure flavor of fruits without adding any calories or sugar to our coffee.

For those with allergies or diabetes, please refer to each individual bag of Happy Fruit Coffee so you can review the ingredients with your Doctor. The ingredients are all listed on each product page as well in the image galleries.

6.) How long will my coffee last? What is the shelf life?

Every single bag of Happy Fruit Coffee you order is freshly roasted, ground, and packaged in a heat sealed specialized coffee bag. Once you open the bag and break the heat seal, your Happy Fruit Coffee will maintain freshness for at least three to four weeks, as long as you keep the bag nicely closed.

Although it will start to lose some freshness after three to four weeks, after being opened, you probably would not be able to tell without having two cups in front of you to test. Our coffee is a true completely dry food product, which means it has a long shelf life.

An unopened bag with the heat seal untouched will last for about 3-4 months. Coffee loses freshness, like many things, based on exposure to oxygen and air. Fortunately we do ship out an incredibly fresh coffee product and so any bag you receive from us will last significantly longer than a typical bag.

7.) Where is Happy Fruit Coffee sourced from?

We currently source all our coffee from South American growing regions. Coffee beans are a real crop subject to shortages, bad harvests, and price fluctuations, so there is always a possibility we might have to change our sourcing to maintain quality. Is there a region you prefer your coffee to come from? Please contact us and let us know!

8.) Are your coffees gluten free?

Absolutely! Drink away and enjoy!

9.) Are there decaf versions of your flavors?

We do flavored decaf but only on request. Simply contact us for more instructions if you would like a flavored decaf.

10.) Do you sell K-Cups?

At this time we do not and we are still not sure if we will. We highly recommend a standard drip machine over any K machine.

8.) Do you have whole bean for the flavors?

We do not sell flavored beans yet because we don’t use any artificial flavors. We might finally have our naturally infused beans next year.

8.) Is your coffee Fairtrade and organic?

Our Taste of Peru is our current fair trade and organic offering. We will be adding more over time!

For any questions not covered on this page, can contact us here using the information on our Contact page.