Shipping Information & Return Policy

We ship via USPS Priority Mail, which takes 2-4 Business Days on average to arrive. We believe freshness is incredibly important and so we work hard to make sure your order is shipped as fast as possible. Most orders will be shipped in 24 hours or less.

Delivery of your order is 100% guaranteed, or your money back.

**Please ensure that your shipping information is correct before you place your order. Double check after as well. If there is an issue with your address, please contact us within 12 hours. After 12 hours, if there was an error with your address that you provided and the address came up as valid in our system, you will be responsible for any fees we incur for getting the issue fixed. In other words, if you gave us the wrong address and did not let us know before we shipped, we will ask that you pay our normal flat rate to ship you another package.

We will absolutely refund you if there is a problem with your order that results from an error on our part. If you discover an issue with your order, we ask that you take and send some photos to help us confirm the issue. More details on resolving a problem with your order will be provided after you contact us using the information on our Contact page.

Because we ship a very fresh coffee product that is roasted to order, all sales are final, with an exception (see below). Especially if your item has already been shipped. If you really need to cancel your order and it has not yet shipped, contact us as soon as possible as we can work with situations like that on a case by case basis. If your order has not yet shipped, we can cancel it for you.

We can work with any issue you have with your order and we want to make sure you are happy! We are very reasonable so please feel no stress when contacting us, we will make sure your issue is resolved and you feel happy.

We believe Happy Fruit Coffee will become your favorite coffee because there is simply nothing else like it. For most, it will nearly impossible to go back to their regular old coffee. For this reason, you can try Happy Fruit risk free. If you don’t like it, we will refund your purchase within 30 days**. If you want a refund under this policy, we will ask some basic questions, just to weed out bad actors. If you genuinely don’t like it, there’s nothing to worry about. Please note that this refund offer is for first time online orders only. All farmer’s markets sales are final because we offer you the chance to try as much as you would like before you buy.

If you are unhappy with your order, simply contact us on our Contact page. We care about making you happy and will do everything we can to make that happen.