Blueberry Pie – Fresh Roasted Ground Coffee 12 oz

$19.90 $16.90

Blueberry flavored coffee has definitely become a classic and loved combination, but it has never been done with real blueberries…until now! Our Blueberry Pie coffee will warm you up in the morning with the taste of real blueberries balanced with our perfectly roasted specialty coffee beans. The grinds of our Blueberry Pie coffee smell like fresh sweet blueberries and a fresh baked pie.

  • Always fresh because we small batch roast our coffee to perfection weekly
  • Real ingredients! No artificial chemicals, sugar or oils! No other coffee is flavored this way!
  • Made with our deliciously smooth single origin Colombian Supremo coffee beans roasted to perfection
  • The best blueberry coffee you can purchase anywhere because it’s the only coffee in the world that has real blueberries and blueberry flavor
  • Available in dark & medium roast (click here to read the difference between the roasts)
  • Perfect gift for any coffee lover!
  • Bag design created by artist Paola F. Rey