Blueberry Pie – Fresh Roasted Ground Coffee 12 oz

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ALERT! Due to border closures, countrywide lock downs, and local lock downs, the high quality specialty beans we import and use are becoming impossible to find. We unfortunately have to advise our loyal customers that our ability to provide our high quality beans will very soon become limited. We expect to not be able to get more beans for 3-6 months at best. Our Peruvian beans for example were already sold out before this crisis, as many of you know.

We hope you understand as we attempt to survive during these trying times. This is truly unprecedented. Everything we have left in stock is tracked on this website’s system so once anything sells out, the system should automatically stop new orders.

We will notify you by email and issue an immediate refund if we have to cancel your order because something out of stock is sold to you accidentally, but the system should work just fine.

We wish the best for you and your family and assure you that once these rare beans are available again, we will find a way to get them.

Blueberry flavored coffee has definitely become a classic and loved combination, but it has never been done with real blueberries…until now! Our Blueberry Pie coffee will warm you up in the morning with the taste of real blueberries balanced with our perfectly roasted specialty coffee beans. The grinds of our Blueberry Pie coffee smell like fresh sweet blueberries and a fresh baked pie.

Stock: Less than 90 bags in stock!