Chocolate Strawberry – Fresh Roasted Ground Coffee 12 oz

$19.90 $16.90

The flavor of this coffee features fresh real strawberries flowing over the top of real chocolate notes and delicious coffee. The fresh strawberry flavor is perfectly balanced and brings a natural sweetness to this coffee, while the chocolaty notes provide a warm and rich finish to our already perfectly roasted coffee beans.

  • Always fresh because we small batch roast our coffee to perfection weekly
  • Real ingredients! No artificial chemicals, sugar or oils! No other coffee is flavored this way!
  • Made with our deliciously smooth single origin Colombian Supremo coffee beans roasted to perfection
  • One of our best smelling coffees, featuring a candy-like strawberry smell mixed with fresh roasted specialty coffee
  • Available in dark & medium roast (click here to read the difference between the roasts)
  • Perfect gift for any coffee lover!
  • Bag design created by artist Paola F. Rey