Taste of Brazil – Fresh Roasted Single Origin Coffee 12 oz

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Enjoy the taste of these incredibly floral and authentic naturally processed Brazilian coffee beans roasted fresh to perfection with our single origin Taste of Brazil coffee. These Brazilian coffee beans are naturally processed, which means they contain far more natural flavor than other beans. You will notice the exceptional aroma of these beans instantly.

Medium Roast Taste: Fresh natural “cherry” coffee flavor with no bitterness and extra fruity floral notes. The coffee flavor delivers a classic and smooth boldness with a delicious fruity finish. This Brazilian medium roast gives off one of the most deliciously floral smells we have ever encountered.

Dark Roast Taste: An incredibly smooth and clean tasting dark roast with all the body you desire. Although it tastes very clean, it still delivers plenty of smooth smokiness.

  • Always fresh and small batch roasted to order in a Diedrich
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Available in dark & medium roast
  • Beautiful packaging that honors the country of Brazil
  • Naturally processed, for extra floral notes
  • The best coffee gift you can find for anyone who loves Brazil or is Brazilian themselves!
  • Bag design created by artist Paola F. Rey

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