Taste of Peru – Fresh Roasted Single Origin Coffee 12 oz

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Enjoy the taste of these uniquely delicious and authentic Peruvian coffee beans roasted fresh to perfection with our single origin Taste of Peru coffee. These Peruvian coffee beans are very high quality and our latest batch is Fair Trade and Organic certified. This is one of the most uniquely delicious coffees we have ever tasted due to the combination of the flavor and aroma of these beans.

Medium Roast Taste: Fresh natural “cherry” coffee flavor with no bitterness. The coffee flavor remains bold but features a smooth nutty note and a refreshing finish. This Peruvian medium roast gives off a uniquely complex smell with many different and delectable aromas.

Dark Roast Taste: One of the most unique dark roasts you will ever find. It features an exquisite combination of smoothness, smokiness, and tasty nutty notes. You will be surprised by how bold and smoky this coffee tastes while also being silky smooth without any harsh flavor.

  • Always fresh and small batch roasted to order in a Diedrich
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Available in dark & medium roast
  • Beautiful packaging that honors the country of Peru
  • Latest batch was grown in Cusco, in the same region of Peru where Machu Picchu is located
  • The best coffee gift you can find for anyone who loves Peru or is Peruvian themselves!
  • Bag design created by artist Paola F. Rey

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